Millbrook quill courses 2008-2009

Millbrook quill course will always hold a special place in my heart. This page is dedicted to Muriel Gloade who took my course the three times I offered it and was able to finally finish her basket. She was a dedicated artist even if she didn’t know it. I was honored to be her teacher and blessed that she taught me some very important Traditional knowledge she had. Thanks Muriel you will never be forgotten.

Our classes were a mixture of finding bark in July and learning how to dye quills in August.

We travelled to Halifax Musuem to see the quillwork that they have in storage. I am always amazed how beautiful our ancestors did this beautiful art form with so little tools.

The people who attended were

Muriel Gloade

Mary (Mali) Sylliboy

Reanne Julian- Sylliboy

Alfred Sylliboy

Shirley Denny

Tammy Bernard and daughter

Tinisha Sylliboy

Mary Anne Martin

Sheena Sylliboy

Pictures to come


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