My Quillwork


A few years ago my late sister in law Jane Julian took a quillcourse in Paq’tnkek, Antigonish County in turn she taught me. I have always been intrigued and passionate about what our ancestors did in terms of artisitic expression. So the opportunity allowed me the chance to learn this wonderful gift.

As Mik’maq women and men we don’t always use the Traditional Knowledge that we have or do we pass it down to the next generation. It’s vital that we do share our knowledge with others because if we don’t then this information will be lost, perhaps forever.

I consider myself a self taught artist, I draw mostly in pencil. The combination of pencil drawing and quill work are used  together so I can express myself.

I look to our past to help me with my future. Here are some of my recent works


18 thoughts on “My Quillwork

  1. I am very eager to have you showcase your work as well as putting on demonstrations of quillwork during our Gathering this year on August 13-15th/2010 , the millbrook pow wow is going to be located at 945 willow street behind keith’s gas bar.

    continue the great work that you do!

  2. Hi Beverly:

    Recently read your article in Mi’kmaq Maliseet Nation news. Looked at your website and wanted to know if you do custom orders? I have a cedar pipe stem that I would like to have done using porcupine quills. If interested I could send you a picture. All the best in 2011.

    P.S. We have one of your pieces of work in Listuguj.


  3. I am a grade 10 student at Citadel High School in Halifax. I am currently taking a course called Mi’kmaq Studies. For our final individual projects we are asked to research an aspect of Mi’kmaq culture that interests us and then present our findings to the class. For my individual research project, I decided to research the uses and art of porcupine quillwork. During my initial research into this topic, I discovered that as a quillwork artisan, you have taught classes on the art of porcupine quillwork. I am not only interested in the history of the art but also the practice of it as well. I would be very interested in talking with you further to explore these interests.

  4. Hi Bev

    i was looking at ur quillwork and so amazed by it .
    I, for one would like to learn how to make quill baskets but i dont know where to start in making one and since u do such a beautiful quill work.
    Maybe u can help on where i can go to learn this .
    Paula Dennis

  5. Hi Beverly,

    I am very interested in learning how to make quill baskets. I live in Maine, but traveling to a class not a problem. Do you have any classes in the summer 2013. I am a teacher, so I have the summer off.


      • Bev,

        I was really excited to hear from you. We live in Hudson, Me just north of Bangor. My last day of school this year is June 18th and I could pretty much arrange to attend a class anytime after that. I have been making baskets for several years but I have never done any bark baskets or quill work. Please let me know when and where you will have summer courses and how to sign up.

      • hey wendy .. tried to find you on social medias like get your email . sorry it took so long for me to respond.. been a busy winter ..
        anyhoo . please send me your email and i can send you more details about the quill course ..

  6. Gorgeous quillwork!!! I have a question about quillwork I have that is being eaten by something. What can I do to protect the quillwork? I can’t imagine spraying it with insecticide . . . but I have two lovely pieces that are ruined, and others that may fall to the same fate. Can you give me some advice?

  7. Hi Beverly,

    Thank you for sending me this link on my blog. (A Stranger in My Nation) Your work is so beautiful and I love all the information on your site. I am in awe of the beautiful quill and bead work both now and then. I hope I will be able to take one of your classes at some point when I am home in Nova Scotia. I seem to miss the ones in Millbook each time I visit as I come in early July each year. Do you offer them at other times or places?
    Thank you again! I will keep looking at your site as I try to keep learning.
    Heather Moretz

  8. Hi Beverly
    Do you sell your porcupine baskets and if so what are the prices…is there a place on line to look at the ones for sale?


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