Wagmatcook First Nation

Through the efforts of Nancy MacDonald from the Wagmatcook band I had the privilege of going to their community, in December 2010, to put on a week-long intense quill basket workshop. It was through the dedication of the group that our one week workshop turned into 3 weeks.  Usually I go to communities for a week or weekend and don’t get a chance to know the participants very well. But here in Wagmatcook I was amazed how devoted they were to their work. When we ran out of bark, they went in the woods and got more without a moment’s hesitation. I want to thank the Wagmatcook Band Council – Chief Norman Bernard  for extending the course and providing such a beautiful place to do our classes and for the amazing food we were fed each day at the Wagmatcook Centre.

Thanks to all those who attended and participated in this workshop.

Judy Googoo

Rebecca Lewis

Francis Pierro

Ashley Bernard

Kenneth Pierro

Patsy Mackay

Kathleen Pierro

Charlene Isadore

Mary Bernard

Vickie Price

Anna Kay Pierro

Coleen Googoo

This is their work !!! truly amazing artists ..


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