Waycobah quill course March 2010

I would like to thank Dolena Poulette for inviting me to Waycobah to work with the women and one man . Stuart you are a natural. Great work was done by everyone ..

The most important lesson I think that students learn from a weekend class is appreciation of the hard work that goes into making a quill basket. As students we can see how creative our ancestors were in using everything they could from the environment, birch bark, sweetgrass and of course porcupine quills. This season I will be selling quills so that your job of making beautiful art work will be easier.

here are some pictures of the class..

The group that were present at the quill course were.

Annie Jane Toney

Glenda Googoo

Lora Googoo

Brittany Prosper

Marilyn Knockwood

Stuart Peters

Karlena Sylliboy

Juanita Paul

Jackie Toney

Shauna Gould

Judy Bernard- Googoo

Christi Ann Googoo

Phyllis Googoo

and Dolena Poulette

Thanks folks you were a great class


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